Warm Data Lab hosted in London on 24th September

Next week, as part of the Climate Strike, we will be hosting a Warm Data Lab in London on the topic "Well-being in a Changing World”.

We will meet at the Archbishop Amigo town hall in Southwark/Lambeth Rd on the 24th September at 16:30 until 19:00 and be introduced to the Warm Data Lab methodology, guided through the practice, and a reflection.

More on Warm Data Labs here: https://batesoninstitute.org/warm-data/ and Nora Bateson

Event link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wellbeing-in-a-changing-world-…

This is from Kate Genevieve to read more, cc Emily Stewart:

The Warm Data Labs I've attended have stretched me, opened up fresh understandings, smashed my binary thinking, made me laugh, put me in cold sweats, submerged me in incandescent confusion and pushed me beyond my edges... I can promise it's real learning through play and solidarity!

Warm Data Labs are group conversations that go deep into the most complex issues of our time. These Labs developed by Nora Bateson are a way of activating ecological thinking in communities and sharing knowledge from many angles. Inclusive and welcoming - the practice places trust in the capacity of the collective and lets the wisdom of lived experience lead.

Our best chance for supporting a planetary transformation is through addressing the complex conditions underpinning the climate crisis together. And if we're going to meet this for real there's a necessity to make room for multiple and contradictory perspectives and go far beyond what we know already. It's humbling. And healthy!

During this week of Climate strikes, Warm Data Labs on the theme of “wellbeing” are held around the world: in Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Bosnia, Sweden and the US. If you're in London, join in on Tuesday. And invite friends - the more, the warmer 🔥