My aim is to seed projects that help re-write our current story.

Disclaimer: on the importance of experiments:

In science, we design methodologies to interrogate the world around us, to learn about how systems work, and improve our own skills - iterating each time to get better at what we want to achieve. These are referred to as experiments. After an experiment, we pause, collect the data together, analyse, reflect, re-calibrate, and try again. We try new things, get our hands dirty, and most importantly, learn.

I apply the concept of experiments to life. Life is the lab. Some projects will succeed, others will fail.

All of them add to my story, to my journey of learning, and provide a vehicle through which to contribute my gifts to making the world a better place.

I am a utopian at heart, and have been focussing on different areas that feel important to address in order to bring about our collective development to a more sustainable, collaborative and abundant world. So far this has covered Energy, Technology, Education, Governance and Food. Along the way, I am sense-making and contributing to our collective knowledge by publishing articles, running workshops and talking to as many different types of people as I can.

Current work

Decentralised organising & governance: Enspiral Org Academy (

Enspiral Org Academy is a training school for 4-day residential courses on decentralised
organising, self-managing teams and distributed governance. The training covers everything from decision-making in distributed teams, power, autonomy, retrospectives, stakeholders and roles, conflict resilience and culture. The European team will be hosting a training in Belgium from 5-8th September. They have offered to run a second training for the 40 National Coordinators of Extinction Rebellion straight afterwards in the UK, for no cost.

More information on the training can be found at:

This context paper goes into further detail on the course curriculum.

Decentralised organising & governance: DGOV Foundation (


DGOV is a community of practice, research and implementation that intersects the worlds of governance design and blockchain technology. We support the progress of distributed governance research and implementation.

Decentralised organising & governance: Going Horizontal (


Going Horizontal is a methodology, mindset and collection of practices that lead to horizontal governance and leadership for organisations. How do we develop a decentralised governance? How do governance and culture connect together? What are practices I can start doing, today, to shift the culture of my organisation to one of participation, horizontality, engagement, emergence, and collective intelligence? If these are questions you are asking, Going Horizontal is for you.

Innovating education: Schumacher College (

I am an Associate Lecturer and Ambassador for Schumacher College, UK - a college founded on the principles of deep ecology, transition economics and sustainable living.

Schumacher College offers radical pedagogical curriculum in the form of short residential courses, online content and postgraduate Master’s courses

Decentralised organising & governance: Enspiral (

I am a Member of Enspiral, a non-hierarchical innovation network which has been practising and experimenting with new forms of governance for the last decade.

Past ventures

Food Systems: Future Farm Lab (

Future Farm Lab was born from conversations around how to restore transparency and trust in our food system, and shape the future of our food. Originally focussing on foodtech and agritech, we have shifted our focus to where we think we can make most positive systemic change.

Our aim is to reconnect farmers to consumers, retailers and technology, and all of our projects reflect that mission. Our latest project is #OurField: the cooperative grains movement which you can read about below.

The Future Farm Lab team on site at a public engagement event around the future of food.

The Future Farm Lab team on site at a public engagement event around the future of food.

Food Systems and Cooperatives: #OurField Movement (

#OurField is a project that organises cooperatively owned fields of heritage grain for farmer empowerment and transition. The model allows communities to ‘buy’ into a field of grain and become part of the process in deciding how the crops in the field are grown.

Not only does this project enable the public to connect with farmers and learn about the intricate decisions that farmers have to make on a day to day basis, it gives farmers the freedom to experiment with new, publicly supported, growing techniques.

The aim is for this to act as a blueprint for others to follow with the ultimate goal of having communities buy into and be part of the grain growing process and markets all around the UK and beyond. #OurField is not only a project, but a movement for better grain, community support and taking back control of our food.

We are currently gathering our first cohort of 40 Londoners to become #OurField partners. If you are interested in joining, please register you interest via our signup form here.

Innovating the education system: 225 Academy (


I joined 225 Academy in January 2015 and joined the founding team to launch it across the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mumbai. 225 Academy was a learning innovation lab that designed and delivered technology and transformation workshops to young people aged 11-18 around the world.

Partnering with top international schools across the above locations, we designed bespoke workshops based on students’ needs that aimed to inspire, empower and show them a glimpse of a positive technological and ecological future. We used cutting edge methods in pedagogy and curriculum design, experimenting with participatory learning methods, self-directed learning, peer to peer coaching, personalised curriculum, and project-based learning. The curriculum broadly covered “Future of Technology”, “Personal Development & Neuroscience”, “Learning to Learn”, “Entrepreneurship and Activism”, “Communication & Debating” as well as offering hands-on crash courses in coding and hardware programming. We built a global network of outstanding mentors to deliver this curriculum.

I was involved in everything from logistics of starting a company to researching and implementing new methods of pedagogy and curriculum design and designing the curriculum together with our mentors. 225 Academy was my first venture into entrepreneurship, and practical first-hand training in managing teams, delivering workshops, curriculum design.

A Science Background: Genetic Engineering @ Imperial College London

Eureka moment in the lab: bacterial biofactories start producing traces of the biofuel molecule, octanol.

Eureka moment in the lab: bacterial biofactories start producing traces of the biofuel molecule, octanol.

From September 2014 - June 2016 I worked as a genetic engineer full time in a biotechnology laboratory as a Researcher of Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London, designing experiments and creating solutions to an unsustainable world in the form of cell bio-factories. These bio-factories could one day produce our fuels, and high value products like cosmetics, bioplastics, and even help change our unsustainable food system. At Imperial I also contributed towards undergraduate teaching, in the form of designing metabolic engineering practical classes, delivering lectures, and supervising two undergraduate students, and one Master’s student. I have also been lucky enough to collaborate with our neighbours at the Royal College of Art to run workshops at the intersection of synthetic biology and art/design, and deliver talks that combine science and sustainability.

Personal development & coaching: Mindfulness & Neuroscience

I offered classes in mindfulness and meditation approaching the topic from the place of neuroscience and human evolutionary psychology.

Below is a video I recorded for students from the Bombay International School after delivering a 225 Academy 5-day programme — they made me promise I would push through my awkwardness on camera and record one of my meditations for them! Enjoy…

Consulting and Advisor on past projects


London Science Gallery (
Collaborating with creative scientists, artists, designers and cross-modalists to create multisensory exhibitions and explorations that question technology and its role in our futures.

Guerilla Science (
Designing pop-up exhibitions using a love of algae and connecting Art and Science. Exploring the Future of Food and whether algae will be our key to surviving in space.

BioChanges (
Creating a community around biodesign, synthetic biology, biohacking, bioart, regenrative bioengineering internationally with events, meetups and knowledge-share worldwide.

Brainiac Club (
Brainiac Club is a collectively owned learning company on a mission to make learning fun, relevant and social. We are using the latest social technologies to connect young brainiacs (10-15 years) to some of the best brains from around the world.

Born Limitless (
Building a 'brain-trust' network of innovators in education.

The IO Collective (What is an IO Collective?)
An entrepreneurial experiment in collaboration and conscious capitalism. We are actively experimenting around new ways of working together, while creating templates, social tools and technologies to facilitate this. Our first retreat took place in Candili, Greece from 8th-14th June 2016. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining our journey.

Carbon Coin (
Consulting on the world's first ever environmentally friendly cryptocurrency: Bitcoin 2.0.

The Vela Foundation
Advising and co-creating a floating incubator for entrepreneurs, artists, designers and scientists - on a sailboat.