Re-inventing education


I've consulted schools and projects on the future of education, having run transformative experiential learning programmes internationally, facilitated workshops across numerous disciplines and teachings, and spoken widely on the topic of re-imagining learning and education. 

Our current education system evolved to fit an Industrial Age, creating what many refer to as a 'Factory Model for Education'. While the world has changed in more ways than we could have imagined, this education system has stayed stagnant. The conditions for success and well-being have completely changed, and our institutions are failing to equip young people with the skills, know-how and mindset to navigate this new landscape. To read more about this problem and how it could be solved, check out my blog.

The advantage of working on problem this at such a young age is being entirely connected to the state of the education system at the moment, having experienced it myself just a few years ago. I've also always had a great interest in learning, and very early on started accumulating the skills that allow me to be a life-long learner, or autodidact. If you can teach yourself anything, independent of a course, institution or teacher, you have the power to actively shape your life, and never be bored again. I see life as a constant learning opportunity, and wish to pass that on to others, whatever their age.

Part of my work and research around the future of education has been via the design of short, intensive learning programmes and experiences, creating a transformative impact and empowering students to self-direct their learning. You can find out more information by visiting 225 Academy. This is either complimentary to or entirely outside of the school system, and so we've had the freedom of experimenting with education at the edge.

I've explored themes as diverse as Robotics, A.I. and how new Technology will impact our lives, Climate Change, Injustice and Inequality, and what solutions to these wicked problems may looks like, Synthetic Biology and Re-wiring Life, and debating the ethics surrounding this controversial issue, and a whole array of Personal Development topics, ranging from How To Focus, Learning to Learn, Communication and harnessing Mindfulness and Meditation as a tool to cope in today's complex, changing and chaotic world. Some examples of past talks and workshops can be found here.

Whatever I am doing, I make sure that mentoring and teaching others remains an active part of my lifestyle. I have been lucky enough to take on undergraduate teaching at Imperial College London, delivering lectures, designing practical courses and taking on individual students for one-on-one mentoring. I also spent a year as a live-in mentor for first year undergraduates, which had a large welfare role and gave me a platform to teach yoga, meditation, and give career advice, and found the 'Stress Free Sundays' programme across halls of residence.