What do you do on a sinking ship?

What do you do on a sinking ship? Do you break into song and protest and make a scene? Or do you do the maths and decide where and how to act, with focus, fast? Alone that’s not going to work. You would need to rally a small, coordinated group of dedicated, selfless, capable, hardcore, persevering people who will put their lives on the line to fix the fucking ship. But would I complain about the people singing and dancing and keeping up the morale? Would I judge them? Hell no. We need all the contribution we can get. Humans need song and tribe and art. I support Extinction Rebellion with all my heart.

If a mass of the people on the ship were just getting on with business as usual, as if the ship wasn’t sinking, it would be useful to have them wake up to what is happening. Although as we know, some may hear the tannoy and see the protesting and continue anyway - and we may have to accept we don’t need everyone to panic and act to fix the ship. Nonetheless. Together we are stronger.

— written in the aftermath of Extinction Rebellion