Entrepreneurial mentoring, Enspiral, saunas, fjords and community life

I may have to work on my weekends at the moment, but when I do step outside I find myself taken on all sorts of adventures. And I'm falling quite in love with the participants here. It's going to be tough to leave! Today I read over and checked one of the participants' applications to university, he is 18 years old. I was completely bowled away by the application. It starts with a poem that he's written, and this is the first line:

"If you knew me you would know
that inside this white male body
there is a soul willing to help.
To empower, to teach and learn, to comfort.
A soul willing to heal the planet."

This is coming from an 18 year-old boy who will be going on to study Physics and Aerospace Engineering at a top university. Perhaps we have a chance on Planet Earth afterall.

This is a magical place. Today I decide to take a break and find myself walking with a group to the fjord, getting in a rowboat and crossing the water, arriving at a small ecovillage community who host us in their sauna. It is on the beach of the fjord, and we watch the sun set while dipping in the ice cold salty water after each round of the woodfired sauna. We row back, hike the final leg surrounded by huge boulders, moss and lichen, huge pine trees, a sky alive with pink and orange and the fjord stretching out on our right. 30 minutes later I'm back at my desk ready to finish off what I was working on... It's surreal!

Perhaps a real work/life balance is possible like this? Living in community in a beautiful location which allows you to dip in and out of your own little world... Grateful for the internet allowing all my remote work and digital nomadism right now! Imagining the quality of life that will be possible in the future when we create these new villages and communities outside of cities, with the possibilities to connect easily in...