Morning conversation recorded on soulful learning communities... Watch this space!

I started the day today with deep, soulful conversation with Alan Webb of the Open Master's about reimagining education to serve the purpose of developing full-humanness. How do we each build a life full of purpose, freedom and meaning, and support others to do that? The conversation started around self-directed learning, the The Open Master's and learning communities but quickly ballooned into what it means to be human, to grow into wholeness, and the sociopolitical implications of radically self-directed one's own learning and self-development...

All at 9am before even a coffee! Thank you Alan for this deeply connecting foray into a subject so close to heart. It is priceless when you have a conversation that takes you back closer to who you are and what your 'soul work' (in Bill Plotkin's work) is in this world.

The conversation was recorded and I'll be looking forward to share it further on with the world! Traian Bruma from Universitat Alternativa you were also presenced in conversation as we let imaginations run wild with explorations into the un-university of the future... or the people's university :). It has many names and different iterations. And it exists as a mosaic made up only in collaboration, with many people bringing the many different pieces.

Here's to every human being having the chance within their life time to grow more into themselves and realise a part of their true belonging and reason for being on this planet. And from there knowing exactly what is theirs to offer in this "one wild life". Yes!