Important question from my friend Nora Bateson

Important question from my friend Nora Bateson:

"Who are the people who fund complexity / contextual / systems projects? Ideas??"

And some great comments from the discussion:

"System entrepreneurs are catalytic to communities but one step removed from impact and harder to fund."

"How do we fund the projects that shift epistemology but don't make money?"

And something that sounds exciting/hopeful in response:

"We are working on redesigning incentive structure for social entrepreneurship & philanthropy to legitimize and encourage systemic awareness and depth of intervention and use that to change impact metrics and funding criteria in the mainstream. It's the second year we are running the Evolutionary Future Challenge and are getting some very interesting results."

Call out to my network in case you have any leads. For context, Nora is working on tackling complex challenges and systemic problems which require systemic solutions - beyond a 'quick fix' solution or piece of technology to save the day.

You can read more about her work here: International Bateson Institute.

Looking forward to hear from you if you know of anything or have some ideas. :)