"[Current] economics is a form of brain damage"

It's funny how economics puts 'value' on things.

If a non-Earth human came to our world and saw humanity, perhaps they would estimate the 'price' of one of us to be around £3. This is the approximate value of the carbon, water, air, chalk - and trace minerals like zinc, phosphorus and iron that make up our bodies.

This is essentially what economists do to rainforests when they make estimates of the value of the wood- and decide whether or not to clearcut the forest.

One day we will look back on this in disbelief that we could be so narrow sighted and ignorant.

How do you put value on relationships? How do you estimate the net 'worth' of climate regulating networks of living beings? Or roots that protect the soil, and converse with underground fungi? How can you put a price on the life of an ancient being, itself home to many, and its worth far beyond the weight of its wood?