Hello! I'm Phoebe. 

I'm a renegade scientist, systems designer and social entrepreneur, passionate about creating opportunities for transformation of people - and through that, transformation of society, and planet. Some things about me:

  • experiments are central to everything I do

  • I hold space for paradox and complexity

  • play with language to re-define the way we think about the world

  • bridge-building between worlds (e.g. technology and farming)

  • looking to nature for patterns in how to organise

  • understanding what it means to be human in this technological age

  • helping build new systems which empower and transform

I write about my current journey of throwing myself into a life of meaning, value, and adventure. I think of life as an experiment with no 'wrong' answer. Find out about the experiments and projects I am currently running and the fields I am exploring, whether that be in molecular biology, the future of technology, designing a new food system, experimenting with new ways of working, or creating alternatives to our current education system.

In a world that is increasingly volatile, unpredictable and complex, I see it as essential to maintain a level of discernment: holding both sides of a story, acknowledging more than one opinion, not fully rejecting or accepting one notion, as we will not find our solutions in extreme answers. We must learn about and integrate ways of doing things and thinking that are different to our own, and stay alert to situations and fields as they continually shift, and the game rules change again. To cling onto dogma or fixed opinions is to get left behind.

If anything you read interests or excites you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am open to collaboration, brainstorming, or expanding my circle and personal sangha.

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 "Three of the maddest, baddest meat and algae scientists", changing attitudes and reimagining food systems, one bite at a time...   Photo courtesy of  Joe Sarah .

"Three of the maddest, baddest meat and algae scientists", changing attitudes and reimagining food systems, one bite at a time... 

Photo courtesy of Joe Sarah.

About me (the "spiel")

Phoebe is a renegade scientist, systems designer and socially minded entrepreneur, motivated by a passion for creating transformation of people, society and planet. She has co-founded and been involved in projects in re-imagining and democratising education, science communication, and most recently hacking the food system to connect farmers directly to people, retailers and technology. 

She is a scientist by training and remains fascinated by technology and how best we can get technology and science to best serve humanity.. Her main occupation has been as a Research Assistant in Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London, creating solutions to an unsustainable world in the form of cell bio-factories. While at Imperial, she lectured undergraduates on synthetic biology and ethics, ran hands-on genetic engineering workshops for students at Imperial and Royal College of Art, and launched a campaign against fossil fuel investment as an activist.

When not in the lab, she has used her passion for transformation and innovation to run projects, reimagining the areas of science, society and education. Most recently: Future Farm Lab225 AcademyTech For HumanityShe is a proud member of the Enspiral network, a community of superheroes around the world who help each other "work on stuff that matters".

She teaches on the MSc in Holistic Science as an Associate Lecturer at Schumacher College. Her work covers topics as diverse as biological networks, interspecies symbiosis, bacterial and plant communication, and whole earth systems science, and she has taken an instrumental role in re-designing the MSc programme after a year of being offline.

Phoebe has been invited to share diverse interests and unique perspectives on the world as a lecturer, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker globally. She has taught and presented in India, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and North America. She also writes widely on the topics of Technology, Nature and Society.

In her spare time, she teaches mindfulness meditation mixed with Neuroscience to kids and young adults, and can be found exploring London, urban growing/farming and travelling when she can.

The joker

I spend a lot of time being serious and thinking hard about complex problems. In my spare time, I experiment with ways to keep introducing play, magic and silliness into life...