Why workshops?

Workshops are an amazing way to communicate what you know and love to others and I've found facilitating this kind of space for learning, exploration, discussion and dialogue really fun and transformative. The experience is very different to public speaking, with a 'speaker-audience' dichotomy, as the direction can be actively influenced by those participating and my role transforms into one that guides a journey rather than lectures content.


I've been lucky enough to give workshops at many places around the world. Along with the rest of my team at 225 Academy, we have been asked to visit and create learning experiences internationally at cities including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mumbai. It has been a total adventure and a privilege to work with such a diverse mix of our global community. It's also been very informative in learning about the education system and how it can be changed globally.

Most recently I've been facilitating similar kinds of workshops and discussions over on the online learning platform Brainiac Club, testing out the potential for remote learning and wider audience.

What have I facilitated?

Science - Humans and Nature

I've used my love of science and my ability to translate complex things into simple ones to facilitate workshops and learning around the world around us, how it's changing, technology, ethics, philosophy, well-being, and self-improvement among other things. Cutting edge Neuroscience can underpin tactics to deal with stress and modern-day life. Understanding recent developments and forecasts of Technology can inform learning paths with a future career in mind. Conversely, I use a creative route, imagination and discussion as tools through which to teach Science - from the molecular all the way to systems level. 

I am a self-professed Wonder Junkie and Futurist - I can usually be found exuberantly discussing where we are going as a Human race, how tech will and won’t serve us, and our path towards a regenerative planetary community.

Mindfulness & Well Being

From outer to inner work. Drawing from principles of transformative learning and 'whole being learning' - coined by Tagore, it seems impossible to deliver teaching and mentorship without accompanying guidance, ethics and inner work. The different disciplines do not need to be artificially silo-ed, however: meditation can directly feed and sustain thinking, analysing and creating, and science can accompany and inform our inner work. One example where I have fused the two is in my talks and teaching around the Neuroscience of Mindfulness and Technologies which are aiding and bridging the two.

Food and Farming

Technology, Innovation and 'Disrupting' Innovation